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Quarantine Time and Which Ads to Run


The world is still battling with the Coronavirus and many are facing major problems whether it is the affiliate industry or any other industry for that matter. As we are mostly stuck in quarantine, so the #quarantinemood is on, we did some research and found which offers could actually work in these trying times. Let’s see if there are benefits for publishers.

First, let’s start with the good part – people are basically locked down and they spend most of their time on their phones. According to the latest research, the overall mobile usage has increased 30% comparing to February. This means – more traffic.

Many have unfortunately tried to take advantage of this situation by monetizing it. Yes, we were shocked too. That is why many platforms have updated their policies where they can prevent advertizers from exploiting this and causing more panic to society.

Even if your ads are not connected to the Covid 19 situation, there is some chance that it will get rejected for example on Google or Facebook.


So, make sure you stay out of the sensitive area and run ads that are most likely to click in these quarantine times. And which ads not to run? Here is an interesting blog PropellerAds wrote on this matter.

Fire Up – Try With These Campaigns

If you are a publisher, and your numbers are increasing in the last 2 months, than it might be a good time for you to test out some new campaigns and see if your audience might like it, and how they are reacting to it.

App Installs

Many apps are out there. Make sure you follow the trends, because fitness apps are over the roof with installs for example. There are also, food delivery, eBooks, games and similar which are pretty damn good if you ask us.

Try your mobile traffic with apps, make A/B tests, test out several landing pages and CTAs and we are sure you are going to get some leads.


Using a home WiFi provider can sometimes be tricky for many users, and since now – the majority of the users are, guess where, HOME, and online privacy is appreciated now – more than ever, so dig into that.

If you are not sure where to get a goof VPN offer, we’ll help you with that. Our team is available here, just make sure you specify your needs and explain what type of traffic you have.


Make sure you know what your audience needs. Coupons are a big deal right now and people are stacking these, because many are in search of special offers. Is it for saving money, or who knows what, there is a big demand on these so make sure you find some great deals out there.

Education & Self Education

This is actually a repetition, but education offers are a hit, whether it is an app or a website, you may get conversions because many got lazy in this quarantine time, and they are or will be in search of how they are going to deal with it.

Fitness, health, self healing, meditation, or anything that is related to education could actually work very well.


Ah, insurance, this might be a tricky one but make sure you do not spread panic or have any relation to the current situation if you are advertizing on for example Google or Facebook.

People are, in general, looking for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from any disadvantage, disease, situation or similar. Many companies are in debt perhaps due to the coronavirus situation, and many need a backup plan and some insurance that everything will turn out OK for them. Our advice is to definitely try this one out.

*CaughCaugh – Adult offers

Over the past month, the adult offers have shown a major increase in clicks and conversions. There are many advertizers which would help you reach your traffics’ potential (hehe). In fact, whether you are an advertizer or publisher you may find yourself good CPA network to help you with that or try us.

Let us know how that turned out for you. What we know for sure is – people are trying to find some action for themselves, whether if it is dating or adult.

VOD – Video On Demand offers

What are people doing most these days – searching for entertainment for sure! This Video Media Distribituion system is allows people to search for their own entertainment so getting these offers is a totally smart move.

If you have such a platform, we may help you with your website traffic. Contact us and let’s start testing.

Dating Offers

Some might say that this is an example of taking advantage of someone’s loneliness, but let’s put it this way, many do feel lonely and many do feel the need to have someone. Try with Webcam offers, senior dating, online dating or any of similar matter.

If you are missing out on titles or ideas on what to put on landing pages, we suggest you this article and see what people are looking for and are doing. Title spoiler alert: Apocalyptic Booty Calls, Virtual Dating, and the Meaning of Loneliness in the Time of Coronavirus.


It is tricky and you may want to make sure your niche digs this, but let’s face it, you can’t know something until you test it. So, register on Coinis Publisher Platform and test out Native Ads, Push Notification, or Smartlink Push.

The steps are pretty easy:

  1. If you haven’t already, register as publisher on Coinis.
  2. After you get approved, if not already, add a New Zone
  3. Choose In-Page push, Smartlink, Push, or Native (or all of them)

If you would like to hear our opinion first please contact us and we will surely have some advice for you.

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