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Why You Should Try Smartlink Ads

Smartlink ads that publishers have to try

There are many monetization solutions, but finding the perfect one for your niche takes time and some testing. That is why we are here with one more solution which is going to lead to guaranteed revenue and good user experience.

What are Smartlinks or Smartlink Ads?

Smartlinks are ads that are displayed to users either in front or in the back of their current browsing window. Smartlinks are enriched contextual ads through an algorithm that makes sure these ads are received well; at the right time, with suitable offers, and to ideal targets. A neat way to profitable website monetization.

How Come are Smartlink Ads so Smart? 🤔

The great thing about Smartlink Ads is it works on any browser and any OS and of course all devices. These ads contain various offers within the link, so the Smart part is that this URL is sent to all the traffic of yours and these ads are filtered in accordance with the traffic type and category to the related offers. This means that these links are so smart that they know the type of your traffic and then it sends relevant offers. This means of course that they are more likely to convert and you can have higher CPM’s!

So, when the user clicks on your page on a dedicated ad-spot – they will be redirected to a relevant ad in a new tab, and it is a smart option to generate revenue fast! One URL to rule all offers we say :slightly_smiling_face: So no more creating categories and different countries, devices, etc. this solution brings the right product to the right user.

So Why Don’t Start Now?👌

It’s easy when done with our platform. Just register as Publisher on our Coinis Publisher Platform if you haven’t already. You will be contacted by one of our customer support members, and after you get approved you may start your first Smartlink Ad campaign.

  1. Click on Campaings & Zones
  2. Click on Add Zone
  3. Choose Smartlink Ads as a monetization solution

You need to follow the steps which are described in detail. You add the code provided for you at the beginning or end of the body tag of your website and that’s it! Check the results in the statistics, make sure you follow the stats on a daily basis and see how this is working for you.

There is a possibility to select either high-converting CPA Smartlinks with your Account Manager for specific targets, browser OS – This means Account Manager will provide you with a direct link or you can use smart CPM Smartlinks that work across 200+ countries on all devices and all types of website traffic. Cool right?

You may as well start other campaings at the same time, for example, In-page push. Want to see how it works? Check out our blog about in-page push.

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